All my products created one by one by hand,  each of them is an uniquer and unrepeatable piece.

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Winner of Annette giveaway

After having spent so many nerves and two weeks of waiting, we already know who has been the winner of our raffle. You can watch the video with the live broadcast below. So as not to extend the wait for the impatient ones, the winner was number 86: Muriel Vergnaud!...

List of Contestants #GiveawayBelblyDeiqui

[UPDATE] The Giveaway has already finished! You can check if you have been the lucky one here:    We already have available the list with the participants in the draw and its corresponding number. Remember that the...

Take Annette to your home!

Annette is a fantastic custom Blythe doll that can be yours easily. Take part in the Giveaway and take her home! She is a fake translucent Blythe She has a pink alpaca reroot knot by knot Work done on her: carving mouth, nose, philtrium and checks Make up with...

A world where the fantasy of the Blythe can come alive”

About me

Hi everybody

Welcome to BELBLY

“A world where the fantasy of the Blythe can come alive”

Here you will find the posibility to adopt custom Blythes and outfits for them, everything made with care and by hand.

Since I met them, I realised that they were gint to be part of my life and I wanted to share them. The posibility became a reality with this web, where we can find each other and become true our dreams.

I will try to update the web with the products available at all times, althought, you can contact me for everything you need or ask.

I invite you to enjoy a trip whithout limits with me.


Thanks for looking.


You are welcome to ask anything about prices or orders. I will try to reply You as soon as possible.

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