Annette is a fantastic custom Blythe doll that can be yours easily. Take part in the Giveaway and take her home!

  • She is a fake translucent Blythe
  • She has a pink alpaca reroot knot by knot
  • Work done on her: carving mouth, nose, philtrium and checks
  • Make up with Rembrandt pastels colors
  • Back faceplate signed and draw with my signature
  • Gaze correction
  • Sleepy eyes: gold
  • Sealed with MSC spray
  • 2 new pullrings
  • New eyelashes
  • 4 new eyechips: 1 Puppelina, 1 StableHouse, 1 Julia García and 1 hand painted
  • New licca body natural color with tilt neck

How can you participate?

Participating is very simple:

Through purchases at

For each 10€ expent purchasing since the opening date of the website (12-15-2017) until the deadline for participation.



Very easy!

You can do it both through Facebook, and through Instagram. If you do it in both networks you will have twice as many opportunities!

You have until January 5 to participate 🙂

On January 8, we will put at your disposal an access so that you can check your numbers to participate in the draw, and on January 13, at 18:00 (UTC+1), we will publish the winner!

You can check all the conditions of the promotion below the images.



The participation in this Promotion “Annette giveaway by Belbly and Deiquí Web Studio” implies the knowledge and the acceptance on the part of the participant of the present bases and conditions. Any violation of the same or the procedures or systems established here for the realization of this contest will imply the immediate exclusion of the same and / or the revocation of the prizes.

1.- OF THE ORGANIZER: The organizer of the present Promotion is Belén de la Morena Sanz with domicile in Valladolid and Gustavo González Iglesias with domicile in Santiago de Compostela.

2.- OF THE PROMOTION DEADLINE: This promotion will start on 12-29-2017 and will be valid, except for modification of these terms and conditions, until 01-05-2018, end date for subscription to the promotion. On 01-08-2018 the numbers given to each participant will be published, making the draw finally on 13-01-2018.

3.- OF THE REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE – OF THE PARTICIPANT: All those people, physical or legal who participate via Facebook, Instagram or through purchases on the website, can participate in a whole according to the specifications and conditions detailed in this clause. The ORGANIZER establishes as a condition to be considered a PARTICIPANT:

Through purchases at

For every € 10 purchase made since the opening date of the website (12-15-2017) until the deadline for participation.



Any type of claim related to the inclusion and / or participation in the draw by the PARTICIPANT must be made, expressly, unfailingly until the five (5) days prior to the draw. Upon expiration of said term, no claim shall be accepted. They will be excluded from the present draw and therefore will not be able to participate in it.

4.- OF THE PLACE AND DATE OF THE SWEEPSTAKES: The draw will be made on 01-13-2018 at 18:00 (UTC+1) by obtaining a random number within the range that includes all the participants. To obtain this number, the website will be used.

5.- AWARDS: There will be one (1) unique winner. The prize will be Annete, a Blythe doll of translucent type personalized by BelBly. Transportation expenses, as well as any other additional expense and / or procedure that is not foreseen in these terms and conditions, will be exclusively at the expense of the participant. In case of applying the tax on the prizes this will be in charge of the participant that is the winner. The ORGANIZER does not grant guarantee of quality, eviction or redhibitory vices of the prizes. The mathematical probability of awarding prizes will depend on the number of participants involved and the number of participation numbers that the ORGANIZER awards according to the conditions established in clause 3 and 4. The prize may be claimed by the winner of the draw for a period of 48 hours after being announced. In case of not being able to establish contact, a second draw will be carried out under the same conditions, up to a maximum of 3 drawings.

In case the prize is not claimed, it will remain in the hands of the ORGANIZER, who will determine the destination that will be given to him.

6.- OF THE AUTHORIZATIONS: Whoever wins this promotion, expressly authorizes the ORGANIZER and whoever he designates for the publicity, to spread his name, number of raffle, prizes, images, photographs, voices and / or those of his family group if applicable, for advertising purposes, in the media, website of the ORGANIZER and any other way it deems appropriate, without time limit and without any cost to the ORGANIZER.

7.- MODIFICATIONS: This promotion may be suspended, canceled and / or modified totally or partially, at any time, at the sole discretion of the ORGANIZER, upon notification through the mass media, and without any claim by any party. of the participants. The ORGANIZER is the unappealable organ that will interpret each and every one of the questions that arise in relation to the present bases and conditions.

8.- PROHIBITIONS – RESPONSIBILITY: It is expressly established that, in no case will the participant who wins this promotion be able to exchange or request the exchange of the prize won for cash. Likewise, the ORGANIZER disclaims any type of responsibility for accidents that may occur during the transfer of the prize, since its performance as ORGANIZER ends with the delivery of the prize drawn to the PARTICIPANT who wins it.
9.- OF THE APPLICABLE LAWS: This promotion will be considered issued according to the applicable laws in the Spanish territory. For all legal purposes arising from it, they shall be interpreted and executed in accordance with the provisions and courts of this country. In the case of legal dispute over the interpretation and compliance with each of the terms of these Terms and Conditions, only the civil and commercial justice of the City of Valladolid will be competent, with express resignation of the PARTICIPANTS to any other jurisdiction or jurisdiction that may correspond to you.
The mere fact of participating in this promotion, implies the knowledge and acceptance without condition or reservation, by the PARTICIPANT, of each and every one of the clauses integrating in the present TERMS and CONDITIONS, without right of claim of any nature. Valladolid, 12-29-2017.